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lorraine. 8
Panopticon, 2016
Mixed media on canvas, metal stick, tape, plastic mirror
90 x 140 cm

Panopticon is a work that combines a painting, an image (from an external source) and a mirror. The grey surface was made a year ago and re-used like it was a found object, detached from meanings and memories. The stuffiness and grey colour of the surface, the writing ‘on the walls, were somehow associated with recent images I had seen on TV involving prisoners. I always wanted to materialise the diagram of surveillance according to Foucault; one which is simple and also very pernicious: ‘To see and not to be seen. It functions in prison but also in hospitals, schools, offices. The printed image shows ‘someone’ (the viewer/the prisoner) who is looking at ‘The Origin of the World’ by Courbet (the image was taken from a Sunday supplement). We (the viewer and the guard) look at him (the prisoner) looking, and we are not seen (or perhaps we are if there is someone behind us).

Exhibited at the Young Gods, Griffin Gallery 13 January – 19 February 2016

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