ASC Gallery and Local shops, Walworth Area, London SE17
2-13 November 2017

The exhibition took place in four locations in the Walworth area. Inside the ASC art gallery, personal objects belonging to people living and working in Walworth were exhibited along with their stories. Outside, artworks by artists from the ASC studios were displayed in the local pub, library and Susan Coin Laundrette.
This exhibition has been developed by six curators from Central Saint Martins art school. The gesture of swapping contents of the studio into local sites and local stories into the gallery investigates the relationship between the ASC studio-gallery and the local area.

I live in the area of Walworth and the wooden stool from my father was displayed among the other treasures from the locals in the ASC Gallery.

My work was INSIDE, OUT in Susan Coin Laundrette on East Street, and very much part of Life..



The Blurring of Art and Life, personal statement. 

I believe in the blurring of Art and Life.  Art is everywhere and accessible to everyone, taking form in the artist’s studio and ending up as ‘culture’ in a gallery, a museum, a church, a house – it is visible on the walls of the city, in the drawings of a child. Each of us has an idea of what art is and what it does. It certainly adds a lot to my life.

 The experimental aspect of my work is crucial in the development of my art practice. It includes paintings and objects made in different materials, with different moods and modes of action. This is not only ‘personal’ work, they have their own scale and aesthetic that sets them as autonomous art objects.

The earrings in the vitrine made of acrylic paint, are they earrings or sculptures? They are both. The blue robe covered by layers of paint, is it a trophy from the artist or a robe made by a designer, do you think it is ugly, dirty or beautiful? Would you hang it on your wall, or wear it?

 I believe that it’s necessary for people to create associations and groupings, freely , secretly or with purpose, just like the Bowerbird creates arrangements of coloured objects outside its nest.

 I choose to exhibit my artworks in the Launderette because the place is very lively, colourful, and full of interesting things: it is a place where you want to stay, a small world in itself. That’s why my little works of art feel so welcome in the space – some are easy to identify as paintings hung on a wall, the other ones are hidden-  included, absorbed. As a result the Launderette has been transformed into something that is new.

I believe in the blurring of art and life, each giving to the other, generously.