All the space and time I left behind me (Tout l’espace et le temps que j’ai laissé derrière moi) est un livret que j’ai conçu et composé avec Mayumi Arai, une doctorante japonaise menant des recherches sur le Home Movie ou Family Film. Le livret a été présenté dans le cadre d’un travail plus vaste de Mayumi qui comprenait une vidéo « à propos de moi », au CSM en juin.

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All the space and time I left behind me is a booklet that I have conceived and composed with Mayumi Arai a Japanese PHD student conducting research on the Home Movie or Family Film. The booklet was presented as part of a larger work by Mayumi which included a video ‘about me’, in CSM in June.

Mayumi stayed with me during the six weeks of her residency in London and we became very close very quickly. I became the ‘object – subject’ of her work in London. We made the booklet together within a week, Mayumi took the photographs and I wrote and draw the little sketch-diagrams.

Mayumi wrote « Lorraine has recently gone through a second divorce and has been talking to me almost everyday about Brexit, her ex-husband, the new handsome French president, her art work and solo show at her studio, neglect from her son, moving and selling her house, finding new flat (and perhaps finding a nice guy?). She confronts all these different kinds of issues at the same level. She is still looking for her ‘new place’. She taught me a French word; ‘niveler’, which mean ‘equalize’. Lorraine structures her life like putting objects on a shelf”.

If you wish to purchase a hard copy, please let me know. It will cost you £12 (included postage)