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The diagram on the street 

It can be fleeting, like the constellation of lights in the photo above. It is an arrangement, a diagram of light. Children are chasing after shapes as if they can be caught. This makes me think that every such diagram is of a temporary state, which is perhaps why the lines of the diagram (and perspective lines) lead into the past for me. When I take pictures in the street my aim is to record materials and to ‘frame’ new diagrams into a surface.

The resulting images are removed from their context and city of origin. I look at capturing an inherent logic, and I think these things are made for a purpose, a function that can be transformed into art by the viewer. That is why I take the photo. I do exactly the same thing in a museum. In the selection of images below, you will see next to each other a painting from Antoni Tapies, another from Richard Diebenkorn, fragments of my own work and pictures shot directly in the street. Each one, giving to the other, generously.

tapies_ecriture-sur-mur_l 18.03.31IMG_0441IMG_0444IMG_0539IMG_0016diebenkorn untitles 74-77 73.6cm by 58.1